Why pros don't give away raw files

This is one of the hardest thing to explain to clients because one doesn't want to appear difficult or like a prima donna, but giving away RAW files is like asking an author to publish all their rough drafts. Raw image manipulation and conversion is almost more a part of the process than the gathering of the RAW imagery and photographers are generally unwilling to truncate their process at the pushing of the shutter button. 

Model A hotrod for Hagerty Publications

I had a great time shooting Molly Currey and her father, who built this contraption, out in Cedarburg the other day for Hagerty Publications. What a beautiful day, a couple of great looking people and a great vehicle! 

Molly Curry and her father pose with their Model A hotrod in front of Wayne's Diner in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Power plant drone imagery

I had the wonderful opportunity to use my drone to create images of a large power plant in Portage, Wisconsin. Industrial facilities are some of my favorite things to photograph but getting in close usually requires permission. Today I was hired to shoot portions of the grounds of the plant and took the opportunity to document some of the grant industrial structure.